Amazon Fire TV UI to Receive a Major Overhaul this Year End

October 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon is giving a shot at everything they can this year. They had the Amazon Prime Music launched for Echo speakers, had the new Fire TV Stick launched; they are giving a go at everything they can to improve the media experience its customers are enjoying. As a result, the company has now also revealed a major update for the Fire TV user interface.

The update will have the user interface of Amazon Fire redesigned for the first time ever since its introduction in 2014.  That’s a gap of over two years, which is not a small one for a user interface upgrade. This is exactly why the update this year will be rejigging the look and feel of Amazon Fire TV considerably.

The biggest addition is a new customizable list appearing on the home page, where users can fill in apps and games of their choice. This should make it easier for the users to jump to their most used apps and games without having to go through any mess.


Apart from this, Amazon Fire TV will also have a new cinematic experience introduced to their UI with which users can preview trailers and screenshots without having to switch between apps. There’s also a new “Your Videos” section where users can catch the entire list of their subscriptions. This quick recap of their subscription should be helpful when deciding to pay a content for which users have been already subscribed.

Amazon is not putting any barrier for its new UI update, and it will be arriving to all its Fire devices starting with the Fire TV Stick in the form of free OTA update. There is no specific release date, but it should be hitting the devices before the end of this year.

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