LG Bidding Adieu to Modular Concept with G6 Flagship

October 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Moto Z and the accompanying Moto Mods have made quite a buzz. But way ahead of Motorola’s modular smartphone, it was LG who ignited the spark for modular concept in smartphone technology. Unfortunately, it never created a lasting impression, as a result of which the company is now pulling the brakes for its modular ambitions.

According to the latest reports from LG’s hometown, the South Korean company has decided to give up on its modular technology with their flagship series. The company’s upcoming G6 flagship is now reported to abandon the modular technology that was used in G5 smartphone.

The reason is clear; LG G5 never rose up to company’s expectation in terms of its sales. The company has also said that its future product will be inclined more towards ‘customer demands’ rather than on being subject to experimental innovations.


The absence of modular elements in G6 should only benefit the company, given that LG’s modular wasn’t what we can call as the completely modular smartphone. Due to the absence of hot swappable features and lack of proper execution, LG’s modular add-ons felt like only half-boiled pieces that totally failed to match the consumer expectation. Omission of the feature in the next flagship seems apt; at least better than pushing to retain the feature with minor improvements.

The decision now makes Motorola and parent company Lenovo the sole players in modular technology. Project Ara, one of the ambitious modular smartphone projects of Google was already reported to be shelved earlier.

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