Apple One-Handed Keyboard Hidden in iOS for Two Years

October 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One-handed keyboards are not just a gimmick; they are something of high-utility in the modern days where flagships are adapting to bigger screen sizes. It’s for this reason that it feels strange to know that there isn’t a one-handed keyboard available for iOS devices.

However, what’s now revealed is that the above-said is not entirely true. By default, there is no option for users to trigger a one-handed keyboard, but it’s not that Apple hasn’t been working for it. In fact, they have been packing a one-handed keyboard under the codes of iOS for nearly two years.

The feature was revealed by app developer Steve T-S, who dug up a piece of code in iOS that let users trigger a one-handed keyboard in their iOS running device. Steve found this up when he was working on the iOS with iOS simulator, a program that lets testing and debugging of apps and hardware on Mac.

iphoneSimilar to other one-handed keyboards, Apple’s one-handed keyboard allows users to activate the one-handed mode with just a swipe. Alongside, it also arrays bigger buttons for cut, copy, undo and paste functions to fill up the void created.

But unfortunately, there is no way up for the users to get this feature activated. The presence of the feature since iOS 8 also suggests that this could be a feature which Apple had eventually forgotten about, or one which has been entirely scrapped.

It would also be eccentric to assume that Apple will turn back its attention to this feature. But it won’t turn out a puny offering if getting activated, as one-handed keyboard is pretty useful when it comes to bigger devices. Google, Microsoft etc. have all activated the feature in their respective keyboards recently for smartphone devices.

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