Google Pixel: Four Areas Where Google Lords Over Apple

October 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s iPhone, that’s what Pixel devices were called much before they made its debut earlier this month. There were many apparent reasons behind that, collective of which made Google Pixel the direct competitor to the Apple flagship, and it’s fair to say that Google hasn’t disappointed the expectations.

Besides being widely labelled as the best Android Phone, Google Pixel has also managed to up the ante by topping its rival counterpart in more corners than one would have expected. Given below are four of those segments in which Google Pixel have completely outrun the iPhone 7 Plus device



Perhaps, the most stunning feature of the Google Pixel is its camera prowess that has raked up the best ever score in DXOmark (89). Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus boasts the same camera specification with the same pixel count. The dual-lens setup in iPhone 7 looks better on paper, but it works only to capture closer portraits that create DSLR effect.

But otherwise, it’s Google Pixel that delivers images with better contrast, and sharper details. It also wins in terms of low-light photography. And there’s a noticeable difference in the front cam as well. Pixel leads the race by far in this regard, and that’s all thanks to the wide angle lens used in the front-cam of Pixel devices.


On paper, the Pixel XL device offers better juice with its 3400mAh battery when compared to the 2900mAh battery inside the iPhone 7 Plus device. But that doesn’t show the entire picture, and the life is dependent on how an individual uses the device. However, Google Pixel holds the advantage when it comes to fast charging.

While Apple has bundled 1A charger for iPhone 7 Plus, Google has offered 2A charger for Pixel which makes charging noticeably quick. Besides, Pixel also gets fast charging technology, both which makes the Google device get juiced up quicker than the iPhone 7 Plus device despite having a bigger battery.


An area where Google emerges the clear winner, thanks to the AMOLED Quad HD display over the Full HD display used in iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is yet to step into AMOLED technology, and this certainly hands them a big blow over its Google counterpart. Apple still manages to deliver better color accuracy, but that isn’t always a plus. Google Pixel’s sharper display ensures that colors appear more vibrant on the device, which certainly appears more appealing for a normal consumer.

Personal Assistance

Google Assistant is something which was looked forward to eagerly, as it was certainly a space dominated by Siri for years till now. As a matter of fact, Google Assistant is yet to evolve into its full form. Still, it has managed to come on top of the rest. Obviously, the accurate search result is one reason for this.

What’s good apart from this in the Google Assistant is with the way it handles languages. Google manages language discerning more efficiently, stepping down deeper with accents and languages. The Assistant from Google is still not a friend, but it definitely brings out what its name suggests. Not that it’s better than Siri, it even takes on Amazon Alexa with the current capabilities found in both.

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