Chrome Unveils Canary for the Impatient Android Users

October 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You no longer have to switch to the big machines to know what’s cooking in the Chrome browsers. Google has finally introduced Chrome Canary for smartphones, the channel that has been serving the impatient ones for so long on the desktop platforms.

The new app, launched for Android devices, will be acting as an entirely distinct entity so that users can jump in without having to worry about the unstable nature of the app. With Chrome Canary, users will be able to get the latest updates designed for the Chrome browser much before the beta version, which itself comes one month ahead of the updates for the stable version.

In fact, this one will come out even before it’s tested by the Chrome developers, which means that chances are high for the features to stop functioning for most of the time. But that won’t be heavily disturbing, as Google assures that developers will be constantly monitoring the app functioning to ensure users get a smoother usability with the app. However, it might still take days for the features to get on track back once again if getting stopped.


Chrome Canary users can enjoy daily updates over the weekdays as of now, and all of them will be arriving straight without any testing. The upgrades will also get a boost later on, as Google is also planning to introduce weekend updates. But that might eat up your data; Google has warned that Chrome Canary can consume up to 100 MB of data when using cellular networks.

Chrome Canary is the one among the four versions of Chrome available for users now across PC, Mac and Android devices. The other ones in the list apart from the Chrome stable version are the Chrome Beta version, and Chrome Developer version. At present, Chrome Canary falls in line with the Chrome Developer version. You can download Canary from here.

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