Babies Stay Safe with Bumbl; Smart Baby Car Seat Alert System to Arrive

October 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The shocking revelation by a recent survey was that a child dies every 9 days in the U.S. from heatstroke in a car. A majority of these heatstroke deaths were accidental and had nothing to do with the profession or income of the people. It could take only 15 minutes for a child to suffer death in a hot car.

In the wake of this, a company has innovated a unique baby seat monitor named ‘Bumbl Baby’, which has been designed to prevent fatal deaths of the babies. In layman’s language, Bumbl Baby is a small Bluetooth device which has been designed to work with any model of the car seat, which in turn will detect the presence of the child in the car.

This Bluetooth device is paired with a smartphone app, which is programmed to send notifications and alert the parent, in case if the child is accidently left inside the car. Even if the parent fails to notice the alarm, there is absolutely no need for worry, because the app is programmed with an alternative alert system which will immediately send text messages and last known GPS location of the device to all the emergency contacts of the parent.


The Bumbl system comprises two main components, Bumbl sensor and Bumbl smartphone app.  Bumbl sensor can be easily placed anywhere in the car seat because it is a lightweight module, which doesn’t require direct contact or weight to sense the child. It comes with an estimated battery life of 4-6 months and can be recharged using micro USB cable.

The Bumbl smartphone app which communicates with the Bumbl sensor using Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) is available on both iOS and Android versions. The moment a parent leaves the Bluetooth coverage area of the sensor, it will start communicating with the smartphone app.

Setting up the device in the car is as simple as making a cup of coffee. Bumbl sensor has to be placed in the car seat first. Then you just have to download the app and install it. Open the app and follow the instructions on the screen to add the device.

The production team reportedly has said that they are close to finalising the hardware design and are planning to optimise it for mass production. As a first step, Bumbl Baby has hopped on to Kickstarter. The device is anticipated to launch in the market by May 2017.

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