Windows 10 Preview Build Introduces Customizable Touchpad Gestures

October 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not every Windows update sounds delightful to the users. But the new Windows 10 beta build has got a feature loaded in it that can get many excited.

Microsoft hasn’t built a fanfare for its new feature or the update, which is perceivable considering that the update is available only for the Windows Insider program members. If you are registered under the program, you can have your Windows 10 running device updated to have the latest  Build 14946, which introduces customizable touchpad gesture support to the operating system.

Touchpad gesture support is not new to the Windows 10 ecosystem; Microsoft’s latest OS has already got the 2-finger, 3-finger, 4-finger gesture support and it came with small refinements in the latest version. But there has been no support for customizing the gestures, which is what Microsoft is introducing with the latest build.


By default, these actions worked for controlling the scroll, switching between the apps as an alternate for the ALT+TAB, opening up the multitasking view etc. Now users can change that according to what they wish for, like having a next song shortcut using the four-finger gesture control. The entire gesture control can be customized by jumping inside the menu in the new build Insider preview version.

Alongside, Windows 10 also adds some other minor tweaks like ability to turn Wi-Fi back on automatically at a set time. The option is available also for Windows 10 Mobile, which also gets other features like Continuum to turn off phone’s display or external monitors when not in use, and also the ability to remove words from the Phone dictionary.

The update should get rolled out for all soon. But right now, Windows Insider members can have some early access. Make sure you have got no third-party antivirus installed in your PC, as having them can make your OS reverted to the last installed build.

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