Periscope Unlocks Live-Stream Support for a Plethora of New Devices

October 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter has decided to up its battle against the rest in the field of live video broadcast. As a result, the company is adding a slew of compatible devices that can be used to stream live broadcasts through its video stream service called Periscope.

The upgrade comes under a new initiative from Periscope, known as the Producer program. Eligible members under this program will be able to stream using Periscope not just from the mobile devices, but also from a host of compatible devices including HD cameras, VR units, desktop streaming services, webcams and other similar devices. The service also extends to Media organizations to make use of Periscope streaming with the use of satellite vans and other editing hardware.

Periscope Producer program is not currently available for all, though. Right now, the accessibility to the program is limited to what they call as ‘popular creators and influencers’. Users can enrol to the program here, and approved users will earn the Producer tag, which will also hand them a personal streaming page link that can be paired with their streaming devices.


Users can preview the streams using the Periscope iOS app with which they can also garnish their video with additional footage or filters. The rest is same like you broadcast using the app. Comments and reactions can be inserted by anyone watching the video after it’s published.

The preview support is only available for the iOS version, but Periscope assures that it will be rolled out for Android devices soon. Besides, Periscope is also planning to open up the stream from other devices for all its users in the coming days.

Periscope Producer program has been under test with several media partners for over six weeks.

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