Google Daydream-Ready Android to Enter Beta This Month

October 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s fair to say that Google’s latest operating system, Android Nougat, hasn’t unleashed its full capability on the devices it has made the touchdown on. That’s because Google has still been working on its Daydream VR support for the latest version, and it’s yet to be made fully functional.

But that will soon be cracked, as Google will soon have the full Daydream VR support unlocked through the latest developer preview version, which will be going live by the end of this month.

As of now, there are only a few supported devices available for Google’s new VR platform, but it’s still the most salient feature in the latest beta build from the company.


Apart from Daydream support, Google is also adding plenty of other features in the new version that include app shortcut API, circular app icon support, and enhanced live wallpaper metadata. With app shortcut API, users will be able to launch new app shortcuts to access their favorite apps directly from the home screen.

As for the developers, Android 7.1 also brings image keyboard support and ability for apps to take users to settings page for clearing the unused files. Other features are also added that are focused for carrier and calling apps.

Developers who have already enrolled in the beta program will automatically receive the new update, while new users who wish to have the update can enrol in the program here. The consumer version of the latest Android Nougat will be following the beta version, but Google hasn’t specified an exact date.

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