Apple Reportedly Working on a Magic Keyboard with E-Ink Backing

October 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is gearing up to wind up the final launches for the year as we head into the final months of 2016. The coming year already holds high expectations with regard to the iPhone, which will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017. But it seems like Apple is in for some other surprises following the iPhone revelation next year.

We are not speaking of the revamped MacBook Pro that will be packing the secondary touchscreen display along with the keyboard. Macbook Pro will be most probably arriving this year. Instead, we are putting the upgraded version of Magic Keyboard for discussion, and it could bring some real magic this time.

The magic here is a new E-Ink support, which was revealed by a Redditor who has claimed to be a Foxconn insider. Foxconn, like we all know, have been the hardware partner of Apple for years, and they have been carrying out the works for the re-designed keyboard module that will get used in the new MacBook.



A prototype of the keyboard device has also been revealed through a video, which reveals each key in the keyboard being backed with a lively e-ink display.  This should be an off-the-beat feature for the Magic Keyboard, which currently serves only as a mere wireless keyboard.

Similar to the OLED touch-panel, Apple’s new E-ink Magic keyboard could swing to the requirement of the users. A lively keyboard could mean that the keys could get displayed according to the app that’s been used, or according to how a user would prefer.

A later revelation was also made by the insider, explaining that Apple could also work further on the prototype to add colored e-ink support to its Magic Keyboard. They have got the time after all, as the new Magic Keyboard will only be revealed by 2018.

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