Western Digital Finally Returns to SSD Foray, Thanks to SanDisk Acquisition

October 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was quite a surprise that Western Digital stood away from the solid state drive field despite having their name imprinted on top among the physical storage industry. Anyway, the company is clearing that blemish now with the launch of two new customer-centric SSDs.

The new WD Green and WD Blue range of SSDs are the company’s two new outputs that mark the return of WD into the SSD space after a long gap of six years. The first attempt of the company with an SSD was back in 2010, which however never picked the pace in the market.

But now, WD is making the return with further reinforcements, all courtesy of its acquisition of SanDisk a few months back. Some of the SanDisk technology has also been adopted for its higher-end SSD, which is the WD Blue series. The device features the same hardware that was featured in the SanDisk X400, and it should definitely give the new device a push in the market; something which Western Digital missed in its initial entry.


Along with the SanDisk technology, the WD Blue also comes in with a sequential read and write speed of up to 540 mbps. According to the company, the WD Blue is designed to cater the requirements of those dealing with heavy multitasking and resource-heavy computing tasks. The SSD is available in 250GB, 500GB and 1 TB sizes, with pricing ranging from $79 to $299. It is available for select customers through the official website now.

The other entry, the WD Green SSD, is more inclined towards the average consumer segment, with catchy features for the same segment like ultra-low power draw. This also makes its usage convenient with laptop devices.

The WD Green SSD comes in only two-size variants; 120GB and 240GB. Pricing of the SSD is yet to be revealed, but being an essential class performance product, we can expect the pricing to be kept at a convenient range. The device will enter the market only at a later point this year.

Alongside, WD has also released upgraded devices in its My Passport and My Book series, with a slimmer profile and added color variants.

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