Telegram Makes Chatting More Engrossing with Bot-Powered Gaming

October 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Telegram is an app that remains the top choice for many. With its WhatsApp-alike features, Telegram offers robust messaging features as effective as its rival services without letting users be concerned about an ad-privacy intrusion. Picking this up, the messenger service is now fortifying its services with a new API integration that adds games within the chats.

The current gaming platform runs on top of the Bot API program that was introduced by Telegram a year ago.  At present, there are around 30 games available which you can play using the bots with complete graphics and sounds inside chats. Telegram is eyeing to raise the number to over hundred. It shouldn’t be a daunting task, as the Bot API gaming platform doesn’t require any vigorous effort to have games churned out through it.

Telegram has put them in the scene to demonstrate the easiness. Using the platform, the company demonstrated designing the MathBattle game in around three hours, and the Corsairs in around five hours.


One interesting bit about the platform is that it barely beefs up the size of the app. The games used takes up 0 byte of size, and are loaded as per demand like in websites. Users can also keep a track of their high-scores to employ them throughout other chats.

The platform makes use of HTML 5, and developers can design simple games ranging from arcade games to even complex games like multiplayer real-time strategic ones.

The gaming bot platform is available for iPhone and Android devices in the new version 3.13 of the app. Users are required to have version 4.4 of Android/ iPhone 4 or up to run the games inside Telegram.

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