Amazon On-Demand Streaming Service to Debut with Echo Soon

October 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon’s work for a Spotify/Apple Music competitor has been on the news for a while. For over the recent months, it seemed like Amazon were not able to make the ends meet. But apparently, they are putting the pieces together right on time, as the latest info is that it wouldn’t take much time for the company’s revamped music services to start its ride.

Amazon’s on-demand music streaming service will commence its journey through Echo devices at first, and it will be launching in a few weeks’ time from now. The service will cost $5 for handing unlimited access to Amazon’s database that includes over millions of tracks. But the $5 service would mean that the music can get streamed only on Echo, and not on any other devices.

For the latter part, Amazon will be launching the more expensive music service app by next year. It will be costing $10 a month, and will offer similar services as Spotify and Apple Music, letting the users stream the music over any device.


According to AFTVNews, the new service will be called Amazon Music Unlimited. The publication has spotted the name, as well as the new logo, in a banner inside the Amazon music app on Fire TV.

Amazon’s works for a fully-fledged music streaming service came under the light back during June, and it was also hinted that the company would have a cheaper, Echo-based service launched alongside. Despite the two having been said to be launched simultaneously, Amazon seems to have now revised the plans; the reason being the delayed talks with music labels.

At the moment, it seems like the music streaming app will arrive by 2017. But Amazon would also be keenly interested in pulling out the launch ahead of the expected date, which also depends on how successful they become with their talks over music labels.

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