Prisma Keeps Word; Adds Video Filter Support to App

October 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Just over a month ago, along with the introduction of offline filter support, Prisma made a strong promise. The promise was that it will be adding video editing support to its famous photo filtering app.

The company has kept its word. Prisma finally has got the much awaited video-filtering features on the iOS version.

With the new feature, iOS users will be able to turn their short-duration videos into comic-strip lookalikes with the addition of neural-network powered filters from Prisma. Only videos of under 15-second duration can be processed in Prisma as of now.

deviceUsers can play with up to nine video-filters inside the app, all of which can be accessed even with no network connectivity. That’s because you have the video filters powered offline like many of the image filters.  But it can still take as video processing depends on the quality, length and the device you are using.

Prisma’s video filtering also requires the latest iOS 10 version to have the videos filtered. Videos can be fetched from the gallery for editing, or can also be captured using the in-app camera. Apart from video support, the company is also now planning to bring GIF support inside the app.

Prisma, which was launched back in June this year, was an instant hit following the way it introduced the neural-network powered algorithm that turned images into filtered images that were distinctly recreated. It introduced the offline filter support on iOS app during the last week of August, following which they also announced video support on iOS.

As of now, the offline support and video support remain confined to the iOS version of the app. The Android version of Prisma, which was launched a month post the iOS launch, will be getting the video support, but only after receiving the offline filter update, which the company says will be rolled in a few weeks’ time.

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