WhatsApp Finally Brings Complete GIF Support

October 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is on a mission to further enrich the media support inside the messenger platform. After rolling out much-awaited editing features with its latest update, WhatsApp is now turning its attention to bring another long-awaited feature; GIF Support.

After months of being in the rumors, GIF support in WhatsApp seems to be finally taking its flight. WhatsApp’s latest update now arrives with complete support for sending and receiving GIF files, and it doesn’t require any hidden conversions. GIFs can be sent just like you sent it in any other messenger app.

Users can try the GIF sharing by simply taping the attach icon in a chat window, which can also be group chats. The GIF files can be selected then from the gallery and be sent through WhatsApp just like you do it for a video or image. Users will also be handed the option of cropping the GIFs before sharing. Saved GIFs can be viewed in a separate folder inside the gallery, called WhatsApp Animated GIFs.


WhatsApp’s lack of support for GIF sharing was constantly complained by the users. Addressing this, the company recently added a GIF tweak with which users were able to convert and send short videos of under six-second length as GIF images. However, it still had some backdrops.

GIFs sent through WhatsApp never appear as GIF files in your gallery, and it appears as the original video itself when seeking it through your device gallery. To view the GIF, users had to view it through WhatsApp. This will now be solved, with the latest improvement offering full support of GIF inside WhatsApp.

The update is currently made available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, v 2.16.293 for Android. Those who have been registered Google Play Beta testing program for WhatsApp can now enjoy the new services by uploading to the latest build. The rest should wait until WhatsApp rolls out the feature in the stable version. Impatient ones can have a go with the apk download from here.

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