Whatsapp Now Supports Image and Video Decoration with Doodles and Emojis

October 6, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whatsapp is introducing a new update that will let its users play with videos and images that they want to send to other users or groups. The update will add the support for adding emojis, texts and doodles to pictures and videos in Whatsapp.

With the update installed, Android users will see a host of new editing options lined up on top of their images and videos, be it the ones directly captured within Whatsapp or from your gallery. Users can insert emojis, texts, and doodles to garnish their pictures, and the captions of the image can also be now resized and re-colored.

It won’t require much time to guess from where Whatsapp have found the inspiration for this new update. Users got familiarized with the doodle and emoji edits within the picture thanks to Snapchat, and we know how desperate Facebook is in recent days to take down its popularity.


A series of vigorous attempts have been made already by Facebook through itself and Instagram, and they have just made Whatsapp join the bandwagon with this new update. Facebook has also recently been said to be working on a new stories app similar to Snapchat.

Apart from this, Whatsapp has also introduced some other new features, mostly which are camera-oriented. When opening camera through Whatsapp, user can now use swipe gestures to trigger the zoom function. The update also adds flash support for the front-facing cameras in Android devices.

The update will be initially made available for Android devices, with the company assuring an iOS update soon.

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