Tech World Anticipates a History Maker in Google Pixel

October 6, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is yet again the talk of the day, thanks to its newly launched Pixel devices and a host of other hardware devices that were presented at the October 4 event. Obviously, the center stage has been taken by the Pixel device, which is touted as the ‘smartphone made by Google’.

Pixel made headlines days even before it got launched, and that was for the fact that it replaced the branding scheme of Google with an out and out Google branding. Despite the smartphone being manufactured by HTC, it’s Google who has given the detailed inputs for every aspect of the device. This was something which attracted the smartphone world throughout, and has even caused some to label the device as Google’s iPhone.

But now that the devices have been revealed, it’s fair to say that the Google-made factor is not the sole push for Pixel devices. There’s much more to the device that surges the anticipation of Pixel devices within the tech world corners. None of them comes new, yet it’s with the complete launch that Google is revving up its intentions of making its launch the new history-maker.


The reason why Pixel gets a special place in the smartphone industry is for its effort to bring the two future technologies come closer with smartphone device; AI and VR. Pixel and Pixel XL, like we all know, will be the first to offer Google Assistant on-board.

The artificial intelligence technology from Google will let you guide through any process with ease, like skipping through your favorite songs, or fetching detailed search results that can even deal with your personal history. It’s a complete personal assistant for Android, and given that it’s a first in the OS, Pixel definitely holds some value for making that bold step.

Talking of VR, Google has been disclosing details about DayDream since its I/O conference, and certain companies have even pulled in to rope the technology. But with Pixel comes the new Pixel VR Headset that’s designed to make the most out of the DayDream VR. It might still be too early to call DayDream as the path-breaker for VR in smartphones, but it certainly is the next big move ever since the advent of VR in smartphones.

Back when G1 was launched as the first ever Android device, none would have thought of the colossal impact the launch it would make in the future. G1 is still forgotten among the mass, but it’s still the device that brought the first Android revolution. Google Pixel is following similar lines by being the device that is kick-starting the overhaul of Android and Android devices for the future.

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