Twitch Unlocks Video Uploading Feature with Open Beta

October 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Live streaming has got its own demerits; you don’t get to edit videos before the world sees them. But Twitch wants to open up this possibility for you. The company is now drifting off from its stream-alone nature to be a video hosting site with the introduction of its new video upload services.

With this, Twitch users will be able to upload videos to their account instead of live-streaming it. This also gives the option of editing it through Android or iOS devices to alter the titles, description, broadcast language etc.

Videos uploaded can be directly pushed to their video feed, and the rest can also be given notifications once your videos are uploaded. The services are available directly under the Video Manager in Twitch. Services are currently open in the Open beta form for all users, and feedback about the service can be submitted through the forum. Twitch will also provide timely stats for your uploaded videos so that you can always keep a track on them.


Besides direct uploads, users can also fetch previously streamed videos to get them garnished and re-published. Unlike live streams, videos won’t get expired after a specific duration and they can be accessed anytime later on.

The new feature is made available along with the introduction of Twitch Prime, which takes Amazon Prime members closer to the live-stream platform. With this introduction, Amazon Prime members can access ad-free Twitch streams, and will also be eligible for additional offers with new releases and for other stuff like skins, characters, boosts and even free games.

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