Facebook Goes Deeper into E-Commerce with Marketplace Launch

October 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Around 450 million people already get things purchased using the buy and sell groups within Facebook. Or, says the company. Now, the company is trying to take a step further by introducing a completely dedicated service for vamping up e-commerce, called Marketplace.

With the new launch, Facebook is shaping up a platform inside the social media where users can carry out buying and selling of items from users within their community. Unlike the top e-commerce platform, Facebook’s Marketplace wants to bring users of the nearby places together for the transaction, as selling and buying of goods is intended to be eased for users from same locations. Facebook also offers only

Marketplace is introduced as a dedicated tab in Facebook mobile app, and it now replaces the long-running Messenger tab which absolutely stood as a no-use item within the app. A list of items will now be showcased in this tab, which Facebook thinks might be of interest to the user according to their searches and liked pages.


With how it looks, Marketplace is just any other e-commerce platform. But it doesn’t charge a penny for the user to carry out transaction, and anyone in the social media platform can have items put up for sale by just snapping a picture and providing the details.

As of now, Marketplace will be available only in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the mobile versions. But Facebook is having bigger vision for its new tools as the company says that it’s envisioning further expansion plans for Marketplace, all of which will depend upon the success of its current form.  This includes a desktop expansion as well as a global roll out of the services. Besides, Facebook will also be eyeing measures to monetize the platform once it finds Marketplace to be beneficial.

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