BeagleBone Black Gets Wi-Fi, Yet Fails to Catch the Leaders

October 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Computing sticks are available aplenty in markets today. Yet, it’s always the name of Raspberry that echoes among the most when it comes to a handy computing stick. BeagleBone emerged as one stiff competitor with its BeagleBone Black stick, and now the company is further upping the ante with a slight update for its computing stick.

The company has now released a Wi-Fi enabled edition of the BeagleBone Black. The device now packs a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, which is not big by its numbers. However, it’s still big considering that it’s a computer stick. Moreover, the one included in the BeagleBone Black Wi-Fi is also better than that of Raspberry Pi 3.

Apart from this, the Wi-Fi edition BeagleBone Black also features a new system-in-package that comes with the processor, GPU, RAM, and storage packed together. An open source design has also been implemented to let the rest tweak easily with the board.


That’s all with the upgrades, which doesn’t sound bad for what we have been offered. But like said before, computing stick still mostly refers to what’s offered by Raspberry, which is why BeagleBone Black’s Wi-Fi upgrade looks bleak when being weighed on.

The biggest pulling factor is the price. Users will have to spend nearly $70 for the new BeagleBone stick, while Raspberry costs its user only half of what’s charged for BeagleBone Wi-Fi.

The latter’s Wi-Fi is effectively small when compared, but it still has retained its Ethernet port, while BeagleBone Black has completely got ridden of its Ethernet port in favor of Wi-Fi connectivity. Besides, Raspberry also scores over BeagleBone Black Wi-Fi with its quad-core processing.

Until and unless providers bring in this price-factor to the core, we don’t think Raspberry will be taken out of its throne in the computing stick segment. It now needs to be seen whether the Wi-Fi addition can indeed play the game for BeagleBone Black.

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