Google Opens Ride-Sharing Platform to Everyone in San Francisco

October 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With no big buzz, Google has taken its lucrative ride-sharing platform out of closed pilot mode to an expanded pilot mode. The commuter service is now available for all the users across San Francisco through its dedicated app called Waze Rider. Apart from that, users can also avail the services through the parent Waze app.

Google will still carry to pilot its Waze Rider services as of now, but any member from the greater San Francisco Bay area can now jump in to the platform. It means that drivers around the area can also get rolled to the piloting program via Waze Carpool site.

But unlike the rest in the field like Uber, Google is having a different take on the ride-sharing service with its new program. Google doesn’t focus on making the platform the man source of income for its drivers, and continues to endorse for those who goes for a regular day job.


This has also been mentioned in the Waze FAQ, where it’s mentioned that the pay-outs are carried out to cover the costs rather than producing a workable income. For a mile, they could only make $0.54.

Besides, Google also applies the restriction of taking only two rides per day, which applies to both the drivers as well as riders. With this, Google is clearly underlining its intentions, which is quite unlike those of Uber or Lyft where riders and drivers are encouraged to get more involved with their services daily.

Google began its Waze carpooling services back during May, encouraging workers from many fields to collaborate with its work. The current expansion has also not been an imminent one; Google has been working on for weeks to get the pilot program expanded to across the Bay-area.

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