Apple Looking to Build on Its iPhone 7 Goodies

October 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s glossy jet black variant accounted to almost 35% of the iPhone sales, despite the option being limited to its premium 128GB and 256GB models. Now, the company is trying to build further with this strategy as it gears up for what is expected as the heavily revamped iPhone device next year.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple will introduce a similar strategy that will see the confining of a salient feature to its premium devices. The feature in discussion is a new sturdy metallic frame to support the edges of the new iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 8 premium versions is now said to be featuring a stainless steel frame around it instead of the aluminum metal that offers less protection. However, the lower end variants of the device will continue to use the low-strength aluminum casing. This will once again differentiate the premium iPhone from the rest with its looks, with stainless steel frames sporting a more premium finish.


The strategy is not strange to Apple either. The current Apple Watch lineup features a similar design variation, with the entry level Apple Watch sporting aluminum finish and the mid-range Apple Watch devices sporting the more durable stainless steel.

Apart from that Apple is also planning to make fortune with the new glossy finish, by bringing the glass protection to all of its iPhone 8 devices. The glossy jet black variants have been warned of being prone to scratches. But this never put back the variant from being one of the top-selling iPhones.

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