Google Adds Incognito Search to its iOS App

September 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has been drawing flak for the way it defaulted non-encryption on its Allo app. But the company is proving that it is still devoted to providing users with a safe and secure walkway on the net. The company has now released a new update for its search app on iOS app, bringing incognito search and browsing loaded within the app.

With the new app update, users can carry out searches and surfing within the Google search app without having to leave any trails of their search keywords or results anywhere. This is for the first time that the company is vamping up its search engine with incognito mode, which has been already widely used in its Chrome browser.

Not just that, Google has also integrated a 3D Touch shortcut for the new incognito mode. Users can enter into incognito mode directly by simply hard-pressing the Google app icon from the home page. Moreover, Google has also got Touch ID integrated with the incognito mode, so that the rest doesn’t peek in to your incognito activities after those are left behind. Users will be able to access the incognito window only by providing the Touch ID if turning this option on inside the app.



Google has also introduced another salient feature in its new update, with which users can now watch YouTube and other videos without having to leave the search results windows. Videos from YouTube and many other sites that are displayed on the search result page can now be played within the app, without getting guided to YouTube or an external browser.

Apart from this, the update also adds various bug fixes to the search engine app. Users can get the latest update here from the App Store.

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