Samsung Eyes Next-Gen Water Repelling Tech for Future Smartphones

September 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Flagship definition is not anymore confined to just the hefty spec-line a device features. It has got further dimensions in the modern age. One prominent factor of a smartphone is its withstanding capability; the resistance it offers to dust, shock, and most importantly water. The more the flagships are getting revealed, vendors are pushing more to add top resistance to its devices.

Samsung has already been working up on water resistance for a while. But the stepping in of Apple with their iPhone 7 water resistance is now forcing rivals to probe on stronger resilience. Their hunt now seems to have reached a halt with what can be called the next-gen technology in water resistance.

According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Samsung is licensing a new super-hydrophobic coating developed by them so as to be used in the displays of their future smartphones. With the application of this optically clear super-hydrophobic film, the company will be able to offer high-quality water repellence that will see water droplets literally bounce off its display surface. Yes, no more will they stick to your smartphone displays.


This is obtained by increasing the angle of water droplet contact to above 150 degree. The aforesaid coating is said to increase this to around 155-165 degrees. Besides water resistance, the coating could also offer added protection like protection against dust and dirt, smudges, and also effectively helping the reduction of light reflection.

As of now, Samsung has only licensed for the nano-structured layer of porous glass film. Practical use of the film could involve many devices like smartphones, TVs, cameras and other electronic devices. Still, it makes more sense for the films to get coated on to the high-end displays of Samsung smartphones at first place.

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