Google Hardware-Centered Event will also Unveil a New WiFi Router

September 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google will be showing up on stage to present a range of hardware products in under a fortnight from now. What we knew so far was about the Pixel smartphones, Google Home – the Amazon Echo rival, and the 4K Chromecast device. But the list doesn’t here it seems.

According to a new report, Google is having one more device packed under its sleeve. The Mountain View Company is said to be also introducing a new Wi-Fi router device, simply called Google WiFi, in its event that will be taking place on October 4th.

Google WiFi is said to be an evolved router form of the OnHub device from Google, which also implies that it will be packing all the OnHub features in it. Apart from that, it’s also claimed that the Google WiFi will be offering a better wireless range compared to the rest.


That might sound nothing new; it’s a claim which no vendor would forget to babble about. But things with Google looks a bit different, as Google WiFi will be able to interlink multiple WiFi access points, thereby boosting the effective range of the device.

None of these gives us a detailed glimpse of the new device. Yet, sources claim to have a confirmed info on the pricing of the device, and it is said that Google WiFi will be coming out at a price point of $129.

There is also no confirmation on whether the new device is a part of Google’s product line up for the event. Going by the way it can be linked up with the new Google Home device, it definitely seems apt for Google to bring it out along with the personal assistant speaker device.

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