Snapchat No More Just an App; Reveals New Hardware Device

September 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat won’t just stand anymore for ephemerality alone. The company is jumping a huge leap after revealing its first ever hardware product, or rather the company’s first ever product apart from the Snapchat. As a result, the company is also expanding themselves as Snap, Inc., the newly christened name of the now tech-focused company.

Snapchat’s second product will be coming out in the form of glasses, and it’s called Spectacles. So what spectacle does it deliver? Apparently, Snapchat’s Spectacles is not a smart glass like the short-lived Google Glasses. Instead, it just performs one simple task; to capture short videos.

The camera is fitted on the top-edge of the frame, and it is surrounded by a ring that flashes to indicate that a video is being recorded. Videos can be recorded with just a tap on the glasses, and each tap will record a video that lasts 10 seconds.


Apart from this, Snapchat is also taking the unexplored route by snapping videos in a circular frame instead of the normal rectangular frame. This, according to company CEO Evan Spiegel, is to produce videos that will serve the function of replicating memories the way they have been experienced. Each frame will be captured in a 115-degree wide angle frame, garnishing the round, first-person view of the videos.

Spectacles won’t be having an internal storage, but it will get integrated with smartphones so that videos get instantly transferred to your smartphones for sharing it on Snapchat.

As of now, there are no available images of the new device, apart from an image of Evan Spiegel wearing the prototype version, and a leaked video revealed by the Business Insider, which also shows the new company name at the end.

Spectacles is said to be costing $130 per piece, and will be arriving this fall in black, teal, and coral color variants.

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