After Google, Apple is Now Stepping in to Rival Amazon Echo

September 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon picked quite an odd platform in the form of speakers to hurl their Alexa powered personal assistant services. But it seems to have worked out surprisingly well for the company, as two tech giants are now stepping in the shoes of Amazon to launch a rival product.

The first one, like we all know, is Google, who will be introducing their Google Home speaker device powered by Google’s personal assistant and voice recognition services next month. Now, it’s Apple who is said to be working on a similar device to catch up with the rivals in the considerably new domain of technology.

Apple’s Echo-rival will be having Siri integration, which will be functioning as the personal assistant in the device to cater various home-control functions like controlling home appliances, handling locks and lights, and even curtains via voice commands. Alongside, Siri integration would also mean that the device will be capable of handling more than just home control, like having control over email, Twitter, Apple Music, and other services in iPhone.


According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working on the project for nearly two years, and their device should draw the line between Google Home and Amazon Echo with advanced audio peripherals that include advanced microphone as well as speaker setup. Besides, this will also be employing the task of augmenting the iPhone devices with home automation.

There has been no finalization of whether the device will come out in the said form. Chances are also there that Apple could wind up the project before it comes alive. But the instant popularity of the Echo devices, which has guided Amazon in expanding Amazon to further devices, and the arrival of the Google Home could set the project up and running inside the Apple premises.

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