Waze Planning to Kick ‘Tunnel Vision’ Out of Navigation with Tiny, Little Beacons

September 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google-owned Waze has accumulated a hefty community base over these years, all courtesy of its efforts to make navigation pragmatically easier. Waze’s desire to serve its community better has resulted in a number of navigation-friendly features, and here’s yet another one from the navigation app.

The company has just rolled out a new tiny Bluetooth device which it calls Waze Beacon, and the aim is to help provide uninterrupted navigation supports to the navigating users. With this low-cost, low-energy Bluetooth device, Waze assures continuous navigation support to its users inside tunnels, where GPS connectivity often gets dropped resulting in the absence of details about traffic or other relevant information.

Waze makes use of only Bluetooth connectivity for its Beacon, which has been designed in partnership with a Florida-based sensor startup. Users will only have to turn on their Bluetooth connectivity in their devices to enjoy the uninterrupted navigation services while taking a long run through tunnels. It’s also not a Waze-exclusive platform; the tiny Beacons can be made use by all of the navigational apps and services under the Waze Beacon Program. The device can also cater to smartphones as well as navigation systems installed in vehicles.


A single Waze Beacon costs around $28.50. According to the company, it takes around 42 such devices to establish navigation support for an entire mile inside a tunnel. That makes it around $1120 for providing the tunnel connectivity for a mile with the help of Waze Beacons.

As of now, the Waze Beacons are installed in tunnels across Pittsburgh, Haifra and Israel, the home-location of Waze. The company is also planning to add Paris and Rio de Janeiro to the list of locations powered by Waze Beacons.

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