Instagram is Finally Opening Up Drafts for Global Audience

September 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After nearly a month since its announcement, Instagram is finally letting its users play with the drafts feature. With the new roll out, users across the globe will now be able to access the drafts feature that was introduced for testing a few weeks ago.

The company says that the new feature will be able to help users create posts that are ‘just right’. Until now, there wasn’t any direct measure for users to save a draft of their edited picture within Instagram. Users had to depend on other tricks like plugging off data connectivity to restrict the edited pictures from being posted.

However, the new built-in function ensures that users get ample time to tweak with their posts and produce the final cuts before they upload it to the social media space. Effects, filters, captions, and all other edits will get saved with the new feature. Users will also be able to save the legal information of images alongside with the draft.


Pictures upon which users have started editing will get saved once you leave the editing space inside the app. Instagram also gives you the option of saving or not saving the post by askling, which is also good considering that there are posts which users would actually want to drop. Also, saving numerous amounts of images can also be messy.

Once saved, users can have this feature accessed from the Library section, which can be popped up by tapping the camera icon. Under the library section, the saved images and posts will be listed below under the drafts category.

Instagram began the beta testing of the new feature during last month. The new update is also a server-side upgrade, which means that users won’t require an update to enjoy the new feature. It should be available on your app by the time you are reading this.

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