Printing PDF is Much Easier on iOS 10, Thanks to 3D Touch

September 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know, Apple is keenly expanding the functionality of 3D Touch with every iOS update that’s been offered to users. The latest update, the iOS 10, has took the functionality to greater reaches, and users are still familiarizing the knacks of the expanded 3D Touch functionalities.

One interesting aspect that is now available is the option of printing PDF files easily by means of 3D Touch. This include all printable items in your iOS device like a webpage, document, email, or images. The option is not available directly like some of the other 3D Touch functionality. So here’s how to quickly convert your files into PDF using the 3D Touch.

The first thing is to do is to access the Share option within the files that can be printable to PDF. This will lead you to the Share Sheet from where users can find a Print option if scrolling it to the right. Tap the option like you would normally do to print through a printer. But instead of selecting any printer, make use of the 3D Touch which will let you peek at the preview of the document.


The preview can be expanded to the full mode by simply pressing harder using the 3D Touch. Once having the document expanded to the full mode, you can have your normal way of PDF sharing by tapping Share option once again to bring the Share Sheet. This should pop up the normal list of services from where your file can be exported to be converted as PDF.

In case if you are using an iPad or any other iOS device that doesn’t house the 3D Touch technology, you can still make use of the same functionality. Instead of hard pressing, users can simply pinch and zoom to enter the full view mode from where the files can be exported to PDF.

This is only one among the many new tweaks that Apple has brought in, and we would be listing down the rest too once we get to know about it.

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