SwiftKey is Now the World’s First Keyboard Backed by Neural Networks

September 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been waiting to witness the power of neural network powered AI in our chat services and messengers. But Microsoft seems to have picked up things in a rush, as the company is bringing forward its neural network to another area where it could prove pivotal; keyboard app.

SwiftKey, the keyboard app that was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, is now introducing neural networks within the app, making it the first keyboard app to be powered by the same. With this introduction, SwiftKey is backing the belief for a revolutionary change in how the app predicts the human typing behaviour.


With the new AI, SwiftKey will be able to throw more advanced suggestions to the users that can make the auto-typed sentence closer to what the user desires to input. Similarity between each word will be swiftly captured by the AI, unlike in the traditional suggestion method where the two previously inputted words are normally counted for pulling out the next word automatically.

This means that users will get more relevant choices than just merely guessed words. For e.g., the company says that typing in ‘Meet you at the’ will have suggestions like office or airport popped up instead of words like moments provided by the previous suggestion method, which depends on the words ‘at the’ from the phrase.

Besides, SwiftKey’s new AI will also be able to identify the similarity between sentence structure, which further powers it capability to offer relevant and apt word suggestions.

Integration of the new AI on SwiftKey app comes as a result of the success of SwiftKey Neural Alpha, the experimental prototype that was based on neural network AI, and that was pushed to SwiftKey Greenhouse, the experimental hub of the company. The improved AI can be experienced by downloading the latest version of the app from Google Play.

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