Muzik’s New Wireless Headphone Keeps Your Social Integration Alive with Just a Touch

September 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The wireless headphone market has now been put on a spurt with Apple presenting the jack-less iPhone. Makers are now absorbed in formulating a USP for their wireless headphone to thrive in the crowded market, and it seems like Muzik is winning the early race with what they call the ‘smartphone of headphones’, officially called the Muzik One.

This new wireless headphone from Muzik has been built with one core attention; social activity integration. Provided on the headphone are a set of capacitive touch buttons that act as the window for the users to get connected with music stream and social media platforms on the go.

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These customizable buttons can be used for multiple purposes, that ranges from controlling music stream through Spotify to sharing a song to your social media account, all with just the press of a button. Integration with Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and other services comes default with Muzik One, and users can enjoy a host of features like following an artist, initiate a playlist, save a song, etc. in Spotify.

This process of having the headphone connected with the internet is endeavoured by a companion app, which still takes nothing away from users in enjoying the one-touch control over social activities. As with the audio deliverance, Muzik says that its new wireless audio features high-definition audio and passive noise isolation technology for better audio quality through the 40mm drivers.

Muzik One also comes with interchangeable cups with which users are given the choice of wearing over-the-ear or on-ear cushions. Wireless playback of the headset will last for 30 hours when fully charged, and as long as the wearer stays within 50-foot distance from the smartphone. Available in black, champagne and silver color variants, Muzik One is now available on the company’s website, as well as on Amazon at a price of $299.

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