Chrome for Android Soon to Have Support for Background Media Playback

September 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thanks to Google’s focus on Windows platform, we finally have the materialistic design standards capsuled in the Windows web version. This came as a part of Google’s extra input on tweaking the Chrome OS and Chrome Windows with version 53 update.

But that’s past, as Google is now putting their attention back to rejig Chrome for Android with version 54. As a result, a number of new media-related overhauls are being lined up by the company for its mobile browser, all of which has now been made available in the Chrome for Beta for Android devices.

The major revamp is the support for media playback in the background. Users will now be able to listen to audio of media streams in background, which includes instances like switching tabs or when jumping to home screen.

Videos will get paused once the aforesaid actions are done, but it will still keep the playback controls alive on the notification bar and users can have the playback resumed from there. Almost all the streaming sites will be compatible with the new background playback, including YouTube.

Apart from this, Chrome for Android is also adding support for video orientation, which will now enable direct entry to full screen mode for videos when the device gets rotated. Google is also bringing playback alterations to the desktop version, with embedded YouTube Flash players in the websites being now reworked to adopt the embed style used by HTML5.

Besides the new media reshuffles, Chrome for Android will also introduce a new ‘New Tab’ page that will now present suggested articles from Google Now. Other changes made available in the beta version are support for creation of custom elements, support for V1 spec, a new BroadcastChannel API etc. The update will be coming for the stable version by the end of October.

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