Going Phab not so Fab for the iPhone 7 Plus

September 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s omission of the headset maybe receiving wider backlashes. But it seems to have done a pretty job for the company in constraining the snags of the iPhone 7 Plus from doing the rounds across internet.

The most noticeable addition of the iPhone 7 Plus was the introduction of dual-lens camera, which should certainly please the camera adherents. But confining the feature to the bigger device is what raises the eyebrows, and neither does the upgrade please the entire community who are looking forward for a 5.5-inch sized ‘smartphone’ from an Apple.

As with its specs, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is still something which can be called a smartphone. But there’s something more in it that makes the device jump a class to get itself labelled as a phablet, rather than a 5.5-inch smartphone.


While it’s true that users prefer bigger screens, it’s also true that they need it within the bounds of their fingers, which is exactly what the Android device makers have been able to offer.

Makers like Samsung, Huawei, etc. have all got a bunch of names under their 5.5-inch device list. What has been given a top priority in all these devices is for the design of the smartphones, which make them handy to use even with the bulky size; thanks to the minimalist form factor they have been adhering to.

But then arrives Apple with their Plus devices, that feels bulkier despite having the necessary stuffs unhitched from its perimeter. At 6.23×3.07×0.29, the iPhone 7 Plus hasn’t got any slim compared to the iPhone 6S Plus. At times, it can feel awkward handling the big device, and the unaltered design of the iPhone 7 Plus is also a part-contributor for this.

This is something which Apple has failed to pick up when they decided to follow the path of other vendors with a larger device. As it seems, they haven’t yet realized what makes a phablet distinguished from the 5.5-inch smartphones.

We can hope they spark the change in the revolutionary iPhone 8 devices, which is said to feature edge-to-edge OLED display. If that applies to the Plus devices, Apple must make sure that the display remains with the same measurements, that could finally bring down the hefty size of the device. But if that’s not the case, the iPhone 7 Plus should gear up for a bumpy ride in the future.

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