Facebook Adds Instant Video Services on Messenger

September 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the instant popularity of Google Duo, rivals Facebook is now gearing up the video call battle on its Messenger platform. The company has announced a new instant video service that brings live video stream on its Messenger platform to take on the most popular video messenger services.

Unlike video calling, Facebook Messenger’s Instant Video services is similar to a live stream option that lets a user share real-time videos with any of their contacts, without having to take up any call initiation procedures or other such delays.


The only thing users have to make sure is that both the users must be having the latest version of Facebook Messenger app on their iOS or Android devices, and that both the sharing user and the end user must be alive on the conversation tab.

Once the above said are ticked, user can start an Instant Video share by simply clicking the video button on the top-left corner of the chat window. This will let users share quick live videos that come without any audio by default.

Facebook says in its blog that the priority is for quick video sharing, which can be useful for sharing videos related to the normal conversations like sharing the video of a locations. This is exactly the reason why the company has decided to turn off the audio. But users can still turn it on in between the video session.

The end users can view the video live in a floating window within their chat window. Users can also respond to the video with their own Instant video. In short, Facebook is targeting to have the users initiate quick video communication in their platform in the form of video messages.

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