Google is Putting an End to Nexus Branding with Sailfish and Marlin

September 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is taking a big deviation with its Nexus smartphones this year – there won’t be any Nexus devices this year. Apparently, Google’s new range of Nexus device will be more a Google device rather than Nexus or HTC.

Sailfish and Marlin, Google’s prospective  Nexus devices for 2016, are now said to be lacking a Nexus branding this year and neither will they feature the name of the manufacturers. Instead, they will have the G logo representing the parent company. It was earlier reported that Google’s new Nexus 2016 devices will be manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

Nexus devices, has been featured with Nexus branding along with the manufacturers name right since the introduction of first Nexus device. Google’s plan to shelve the branding now falls along with their interest for having the smartphones more inclined towards the parent company, alongside making them more involved in the smartphone foray.


As a result, Google’s Nexus device won’t be presenting a Vanilla Android experience to the users, but instead will have a layer of its own customized UI on top of the stock Android N OS. This would make it for the first time that a Nexus-grouped device will have an OS that takes users out of the pure Android experience.

The initial hint was given earlier by Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai when he revealed in June that the company will get more opinionated about the Nexus design. The leaks that have come out till now reveals that the Nexus 2016 devices, or now the Google smartphones, will have new button layout, a new colour scheme, and also a new Settings app that is much altered from what we have seen in the Nougat used on older Nexus devices.

The wait is now for an official word from the company. Google will be having its new smartphones launched during fall this year, and we can expect one of the biggest changes in its smartphone department this year if rumours turns true.

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