Google Makes Cast Services Native on Chrome

August 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has announced that Google Cast, or previously Chromecast, will now be available built-in on Chrome browsers. This will let users access TV streaming services using the browsers without the need of having any external plug-ins installed or adjusting the configurations.

When on the same network as a Cast device, Chrome browsers will now by default display a cast icon to indicate web pages that are integrated with Google Cast services. Users can quickly stream those contents to TVs or to speakers with just a few clicks, skipping the need of tweaking any configuration to have it done.

Websites that are not integrated with Chrome can also be easily streamed to external devices. For this, users can access the new ‘Cast’ option provided under the menu om their Google Chrome browsers.



Google’s latest merging of the Cast services to Chrome come as a result of the increased interest among users to use Google Cast with their Chrome browsers. Google says that people have casted contents using Chrome browsers for over 38 million times in the previous month. This covers over 50 million hours of audio and video casting.

Apart from including Google Cast by default on Chrome browser, Google has also recently introduced updates that let users share contents via video call on Google Hangouts, and also Cast for Education app that came along with a plenty of classroom focussed tools.

Google introduced Cast services two years ago under the name Chromecast. It was later renamed as Google Cast back during this March.

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