Philips Hue Gets Automated with a New Motion Sensor

August 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Owners of Philips Hue can now get relieved, as the company is bringing up an add-on to solve all your hands-free demands. Philips is now introducing a $40 motion sensor accessory for home owners to have their home lighting further automated.

Packed in a small white casing, the new Philips Hue motion sensor add-on runs with two AAA batteries that can run for up to two years. The form factor is contained, which is good considering that you can have the device placed anywhere you want.

The basic function of the motion sensor is to detect motion inside a room so that light can be turned off and on automatically based on the motion.


The control can be done through the app, which makes things easier, like having options set individually for room bulbs, selecting to turn on only when it’s dark, which can prevent the lights from turning on during daytimes even if motion is detected etc. The motion sensor also has the ability to dim the light when no motion is detected before having it turned off completely.

Philips Hue motion sensor can detect motions up to 16.5 feet away, and up to 12 motion sensors can be integrated on a single Hue Bridge. Sensitivity options are currently not available with the add-on, but Philips guarantees that it will soon introduce options like limiting the sensitivity.

Philips Hue motion sensor will be out in the markets by October this year. A single motion sensor add-on will cost the user $39.99.

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