How to Enable Night Mode and Freeform Apps in Android N

August 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android N is finally having its official rollout on Nexus devices, and people have already started enjoying the new features loaded in the new Android outing. Those who have used the developer preview version might have noticed some missing in the final Android devices.

This is because Google has opted not to fully load some of the features that were included in the developer preview version. But that doesn’t mean they are entirely being taken out; they are just hidden inside the Nougat final version so that users can activate it with the help of some external support. Here’s listing a couple of catchy hidden features Android 7.0 OS throws at us.


Night Mode

Similar to iOS, Android too has introduced the night mode option with which users can reduce eye strain caused due to the emission of blue wavelength light. Instead of having it under the notification bar, Google has opted to hide it in the final version.

To bring it back, users will have to download the Night Mode Enabler app from Google Play, and will also have to enable the System UI Tuner. The latter can be done by simply long-clicking the settings icon under the notification shade.  Once you do this, just open the app and tap the Enable Night Mode option. Keep in mind that the app need to re-opened again to enable night mode every time you want it to be activated.

Freeform apps

One of Android N’s striking feature is its rich multitasking ability for tablets. Along with that, Android Nougat also brings Freeform App feature to the devices, which will let users handle apps like handling multiple tabs, just like having them on a PC, along with the option of resizing them on screen. To enable this, users will have to first enable developer options, that can be done by tapping the Build number under option under ‘About Device’ settings.

Once done, download the app Taskbar from Google Play. Users need to check the Freeform Window Support inside the option after turning on the Taskbar toggle. This will enable an app drawer icon, which can be used to open a resizable app after clearing all the recent apps.

Apart from this, there are also features like customizable software buttons, all of which can be activated through similar external support. But since it’s not in the prime form, we advise you tweak with those options once Google rolls it out officially in its next Android N update.

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