Now, Apple Stepping in to Take on Snapchat with a Rival App

August 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s unique how Snapchat created its own space among the social networking space. After being introduced as a quirky app, Snapchat has gone on a surging ride with its ephemerality that has lured even the giants like Facebook. Now, another tech behemoth is getting inspired with the quick success of Snapchat and the platform of social networking.

Reports are now pointing out that Apple is currently keen on bringing out an app similar to Snapchat that focuses on quick video capture and sharing.

The app, which is currently under works, will be coming out by next year, and will take on the remaining social networks by letting users handle video capturing, editing, and sharing with an easy interface. With that said, we can expect the app to feature one-handed controls in its interface, similar to the features provided by Snapchat and Instagram recently.


Apart from that, Apple’s video hosting app will have other features similar to the rest like application of filters, doodles, texts, and other sharing features like sharing through the existing social network platforms. Videos can be shot and uploaded in under a minute, and processed videos will likely pack a square form.

What needs to be confirmed is whether Apple will be having the features rolled out in a standalone app. A separate app makes more sense, but there are still a few chances that Apple will pack the new features to its camera app in the iPhone devices for 2017. The video sharing service is said to be under development by Final Cut Pro and iMovie teams.

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