Prisma Neural Network Powered Filters Go Offline

August 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users will no long require an internet connection to have their images re-touched the Prisma way. The viral image-filtering app has now announced a new update through which it brings offline processing support in smartphones.

What makes the update special is that it’s for the first time an app is making its neural network AI go offline. Prisma transforms images into artistic works with the help of its deep learning artificial intelligence called neural networks. With the update, neural network has been made available offline not just within Prism, but within the entire industry.

Around half of the total available filters have now been made offline by Prisma with the new update. It means users can try up to sixteen artistic filters without the necessity of getting their smartphone hitched with an internet connectivity. The list will be expanded over time, as Prisma is trying to have all of its filters made available offline for devices above iPhone 5s.


This offline support also let Prisma improve the processing speeds of its servers. According to the company, the processing time of images will be reduced by around 5 seconds on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices with the new update.

The company says that it’s also working on implementing the algorithm on videos. Accordingly, the feature is likely to get launched within a month.

The current update is now being rolled out for iOS, but will soon get expanded to Android devices, probably within two weeks. Prisma has accumulated over 50 million downloads in Android and iOS devices within a short span of two months.

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