Microsoft Garage has a New App that Bookmarks Internet Content

August 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s not always the best idea to bookmark or save an entire page for noting a text snippet or image when on the go. That’s why we have organizational apps stepping in to ease our internet content management. Now, Microsoft too is stepping into the space with their new app, called Cache.

Cache is the brainchild of Garage, Microsoft’s experimental team that has so far rolled out so many out-of-the-box services. The app still is not available fully-fledged. Garage is currently experimenting the app through invite-testing for collecting feedback.

The basic function of the app is to let users bookmark and manage contents like images, text snippets, web files, notes, webpages, etc. so that they can be viewed and organized anytime, anywhere. Users can simply drag the contents and fetch it on the app, which can later be accessed through the companion app that is available on Windows 10 and iOS devices.


As of now, the aforesaid platforms remain the only platforms on which Cache is available in the app for. Microsoft is only testing the app now, which means that Cache can get expanded to Android and Windows 10 Mobile running device when it gets launched in its full form. There’s no word yet on when Microsoft will have the Cache app rolled out broadly.

Despite being close to the OneClip app that brought universal clipboard service, Microsoft is channeling its apps distinctively. The OneClip universal clipboard services are expected to get merged with the upcoming version of Redstone, which will be made available by next year.

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