Facebook’s New Lifestage App is for College Kids

August 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember how Facebook started its journey in 2004? Back then, it was never a social media platform accessible for all, instead, the platform was meant for networking college students. The platform has gone beyond ages ever since, but it’s now dedicating a new platform to create a similar network among college kids.

It’s called Lifestage, the latest app coming out from the Facebook family that intends to connect high-school students and college teens of age below 21 with video bios. Not that the app is restricted to college students; people above 21 years of age will still be able to tap in with their own video profile. However, they will remain a loner in the app as Lifestage won’t display any other profiles in their network if they are above 21.

Setting up an account in Lifestage is also easy. It’s also not necessary that users provide a Facebook account for getting connected; Lifestage requires a school name rather than any social network.


Once done, users can set up a video bio by shooting a series of short videos, which the app will automatically thread together for a longer display video. Users will automatically get connected to other users that are registered under the same school. They can also find people from other nearby schools. All schools will remain unlocked at first, and will get unlocked once they get registered with 20 users.

Unlike other social platforms, Lifestage doesn’t offer a direct mode of communication like quick messages. But that won’t be a big miss; there are already countless messenger apps. The core highlight of the app is to create a network dedicated for social network. Also, people can set up their social account links like that of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. that will get displayed under their profile.

The app made its debut on iOS devices. Check the App Store to have the app downloaded. Facebook hasn’t revealed when it will be arriving on Android devices.

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