Chrome Apps Will Soon Be Exclusive to Chrome OS

August 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is shutting down Chrome Apps on all platforms, except for its own Chrome OS. This will mean that platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux will soon be deprived of Chrome apps.

The shutting down will include a step-by-step process that will initially have the availability of new apps restricted to Chrome OS running devices. This will be initiated before the end of 2016. Only existing apps will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, and those will also get discontinued later.

Google is planning to have the apps removed from the Chrome WebStore for the aforesaid platforms by the second half of 2017. This will include the omission of both packaged apps, as well as hosted apps.

browserThe discontinuation of app support on Chrome Webstore will be followed by the discontinuation of support of the existing apps on Windows, Mac and Linux devices by the onset of 2018. Apps will no longer be able to load on these platforms, which will have the process of discontinuation winded up.

Google will only be removing the apps, which means that users will still be able to use the themes and extensions in all platforms. The move to discontinue the app support has been triggered by the shift of Google towards progressive web apps that will be compatible with all modern browsers. Google introduced apps in Chrome WebStore back in 2013 to provide users functions that were not available on web.

Besides, only very few people still make use of the packaged apps in Chrome WebStore, the reason being that almost most website support apps within itself, snubbing the need of users to download them separately. Google has also recommended developers to switch to Electron or NW.js to rope web applications as native applications.

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