Twitter Updates Quality Filter Tool for All

August 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter’s Quality Filter feature is being made available for all. With this, all the Twitter users can now enjoy the upgraded feature that helps in improving the quality of Tweets by axing the low-quality comments in Tweet.

Twitter will have these low-quality tweets automatically recognized by using a variety of parameters, which include account origin and behaviour. Tweets that include duplicated comments, spams, or other threats will be hidden using this new tool. Hidden comments will be wiped out also from notifications.

However, Twitter’s new toll won’t be removing all such Tweets. The company says that the Quality Filter feature will not hide contents from a contact who is in the following list of a user. The contents also won’t be filtered if coming from a person with whom the user have interacted before on the platform.


The feature has been under testing for nearly a year, and was earlier made available for the verified accounts in Twitter.

Along with the filter tool, Twitter has also updated its notification settings, with which users can now decide to turn off specific notifications. This will help users block notifications for comments made by specific accounts, which is also a measure shot at reducing the appearance of low-quality contents.

The feature will allow users to receive notifications only from those persons who a user follows in the platform. Users can turn find this feature under settings, and if leaving it off, users can continue to receive notifications from all persons, including those who are not in their following list.

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