Netflix’s Speed Test Now Available in Dedicated App Form for Smartphones

August 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nearly three months since the introduction of its speed test services, Netflix is now expanding the same with the introduction of a dedicated version app. Fast Speed Test app is now live for Android and iOS users to have a check with their data speed, and ensure that they have got the right speed for HD streaming.

Compared to other speed test services, Netflix’s Fast offers an easy and quicker means of checking the data speeds, which is the reason why it has been well preferred by customers. The app version also retains this identity, by providing test results instantly when opening the app. Overall, it’s a minimalistic app with very limited features. In fact, the only button you can find in the app is the refresh button that can be used to trigger a new test.

The service makes use of the same service of website by Netflix. Both the app and the website follows multiple download tests using Netflix’s technology and services, which also includes downloading heavy chunks of 25MB video through variable numbers of parallel connection.


Comparatively, the app version seldom features any big changes over the mobile browser version. But having a dedicated app in your smartphones is not bad either, especially when provided in the simplest form it can come in.

However, given that the app features no big differences, it could be a better option for Netflix to include the services in the Netflix app itself, which would make it easier for users to check their data speeds while streaming videos.

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