Google Maps New Features are for Emerging Markets

August 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It might be on the top when considering navigation apps, but Google Maps still has got its own issues, and it reaches the peak when stepping down to lower end smartphones. But efforts from the Mountain View Company is now producing some better solutions for this.

On Tuesday, Google announced its latest update for the Google Maps app, which aims at providing two new features to the app: Wi-Fi only option, and the option to download to SD cards.

That might not exactly sound like a big update, but Google is serving the right dishes with its new update for the target audience, which is the low-end smartphone users from the emerging markets.

Google Maps

For a budget smartphone user, relying on internal space might not feel like the best option, and the introduction of downloading to SD card means that they can have a chill pill now. Google’s offline map download have been a catchy feature, but the bulky size of the offline maps often stood as the barrier for low-mid range devices.

Even 32GB device users should find it hard to download a map weighing over 2GB considering that the inbuilt storage would mostly be spared for multimedia usage. This along with the usual pre-paid/limited data plan has been a big concern for Google in expanding its Map services’ access in emerging markets.

An option to download through Wi-Fi only not only should benefit limited plan subscribers, but also for users who travel abroad, letting them save data roaming charges. Google has been testing the Wi-Fi only mode for over a month.

As you can expect, the update is made available for Android devices, and it includes additional features like integrations with Go-Jek and Grab in Southeast Asia, and expansion of Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi support to more European nations.

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