Google is Stepping into Password Management with Dashlane

August 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Password manager Dashlane has announced a tie up with Google with which the duo will be bringing an easier password management setup for the Android users.

Called Open YOLO, or You Only Login Once, the project will be aiming at providing an API that will let Android developers access password managers, which in turn will ease the consumer-end process of password filling. A single app would be able to make use of multiple password managers through this service.

Once coming to action, users will be able to enter apps and services that requires login without any reliance on typing passwords or the insecure autofill, irrespective of the password manager to which users are registered. Such an API would also mean that password inputs will be made more proactive and transparent without hitting the security concerns.


Open YOLO could also aid Google’s own password management app called Smart Lock by providing it with a mechanism to query other password providers in a device.

Dashlane and Google’s API will also incorporate other top password management companies, according to the announcement. They haven’t given out the associated names. But companies like 1Password, LastPass, Keeper and KeePass are believed to be on-board, or have shown interest in joining the force according to CNET.

Jointly, the collaboration will aim to contribute towards the development of the design and implementation of the open API by putting in their unique security and software development expertise.

The announcement also points out that the open project would also be expanded to other platforms and operating systems followings its arrival in Android.

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