ZTE Wants You to Design Its Next Smartphone

August 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone vendors always try to incorporate everything the users want in their smartphones. Still, they do miss out on many things, and ZTE has taken up a firm stance to ensure that they don’t miss out on such user cravings.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has now launched Project CSX, a program that will let customers get involved in the development process of a smartphone. It’s similar to other feedback forums, where users can submit multiple ideas and suggestions related to the smartphone. A voting option will also be provided to up the idea they think best suits for the planned smartphone.

ZTE has also laid down some criteria for the users to follow before they submit the ideas. But that’s not hard to follow, and is something which should be coming up in everyone’s mind when thinking of new ideas for a smartphone.


Customers must submit idea keeping in mind that the device should be a realistically possible portable gadget that can connect to cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth networks, and it should also maintain an affordable price, and should be able to manufacture by 2017.

Ideas can be submitted on the forum until August 31, following which a ten-day window will be opened for the voting process for the top three ideas they think could be incorporated in the smartphone.

Product concept submission will begin after this, until September 30, and the voting process for the top five submissions will be open for the first ten days of October. The final stage of voting for the top product concept will being on October 12, and will run until October 19.

Participants of the Project CSX can also expect to be paid well if their idea stands among the top. For more details and to start submitting your ideas, check out the Project CSX community page.

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