GoPro Hero 5 Leaked Video Reveals New Tidbits

August 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Only little do we know about GoPro’s Hero 5 camera. But a video that appeared on Vimeo and Reddit has now given us slightly more details about GoPro’s upcoming action cam.

The 9-minute video doesn’t flash much info about GoPro’s hardware-software specifics. Yet, it does outlines the design of GoPro Hero 5 device, and also its interface.

The video demonstrates the normal how-to guide present usually in the camera app shown through the rear display of the GoPro Hero 5 camera. Accordingly, GoPro 5 will be packing a bigger touchscreen display on its rear side, replacing the bus connector used in previous GoPro Hero cameras that allowed coupling of additional accessories batteries or LCD screens to the Hero cam.


Another notable trait is that GoPro Hero 5 will be more inclined towards the Session cam instead of Hero series instead of design. This can be noticed with the design of the rear side of the camera, which features rounded edges instead of the square-sharped edges present in Hero 4.  The design also has the record button upped a little on top.

The interface shown in the video also appears to be different from the one used for Hero 4 camera, and has been made more suitable for touchscreen displays. This has also made the menu controls more easy along with the introduction of a quick setting option at the bottom row that packs options like adjusting framerate, shooting mode, and resolution.

Overall, the changes present in the Hero 5 camera isn’t big. However, there is no guarantee that this could be the real Hero 5 camera. And even if it is, the video takes only through a few corners, and there’s plenty more to be explored about Hero 5. So we will have to wait to see if GoPro could really push the users to replace their current cameras with the Hero 5 features.

GoPro HERO5 from Konrad Iturbe on Vimeo.

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